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Is it right to compare Vaping with Shisha or Hookah!

Vaping as a habit is compared to smoking shisha many times. But how much truth there is exactly to these comparisons: Let’s get to find out together.

The use of water pipe

Shisha which is also often referred to as hookah is one of the most popular pastime activities in the Middle East and in northern Africa. It is in fact so popular that even George Lucas has decided to include it in its Star Wars movie the Return of the Jedi, where Jabba is smoking shisha. The smoking of water pipe is a centuries old habit which has tons of fans around the world. Today, there are tons of shisha bars opening in both Europe and in the United States which: next to the patented Arabic atmosphere, coffee, tea and music also offers the use of shisha (often as shared) to the visitors. The big deal about shisha is that it has been planned as a social activity (primarily for men) a big shisha is often smoked shared, by multiple men in the same time.

Shisha or Hookah

This question arises a lot but the explanation is simple. While shisha is the Arabic name of the water pipe, hookah is its Indian name. In fact, it’s been said that the whole habit originates from India where men were smoking shisha as long as 500 years ago. Today, shisha bars and hookah bars are more or less the same, however you can expect a more traditional atmosphere in the Shisha places.

The method of using water pipe

Water pipe basically uses water to take away most of the toxic ingredients of tobacco by filtering the smoke through the water, which gives it a natural cleansing. However this does not mean that you smoke steam when smoking shisha: it’s more or less the same sort of smoke which is the result of traditional smoking but it’s way clearer and cleaner. The look of the tobacco is different from that of traditional tobaccos and it’s also enriched with specific sort of coal that allows for a way longer burning period. The water makes the tobacco smoke also humid so while they users are not exactly inhaling steam the smoke is definitely much more humid than that of the traditional tobacco.

The flavors

It was shisha which first experimented with the use of different fruity flavors along with their tobacco specifically designed for shisha. The flavors are either added to the coal/tobacco base or to the water itself.

Vaping is often compared to the use of shisha, but in real the two devices do not have all that much to do with each other: while one contains traditional smoke, the other breaks down and atomizes the eliquid in order for it to transform into a steam-like vape that resembles to regular smoke. Water pipe also cannot be used as an alternate to quitting smoking. What it can be rather used for is making smoking an elongated habit which is not connected to smoking cigarettes.