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Advantages and disadvantages of Vaporizers when compared to e-cigarettes

When it comes to finding an alternate to smoking then vaping is a subject that comes up very frequently as the current healthiest alternate to smoking. Vaping is often used by those who want to quit smoking altogether and several studies show that this device can actually help: users will not lose all the habitual concepts of traditional smoking but still will be free from the cancerous effects of smoking. In this article I would like to discuss some of the advantages of vaping and as every coin has two sides, we will also get to see the list of disadvantages.


Let’s get to see the list of advantages of vapers when compared to e-cigarettes:

Battery life is way better than that of the ecigs

Users do the filling or refilling: they can choose literally from hundreds of flavors of eliquid from the regular ones (mint, tobacco) to the more extravagant ones (whiskey, coffee, cheesecake, tutti-frutti) and if one is still bored, by mixing up multiple eliquid he or she can create a different taste too.

Customizable – one can set the nicotine levels directly on the device

The transparent tank will show exactly how much of eliquid you are using and how much you have left.

One can use it for a long time, therefore it’s a way better option financially than the disposable e-cigarettes.

They have a good, consistent nicotine delivery

The experimenting with tons of flavors is a big deal: makes vaping all the more attractive.

Users know much more about the exact ingredients of eliquid.


Naturally there is nothing which wouldn’t have if only a couple of disadvantages: Let’s get to see these below:

It’s not cigarette-like: it cannot deliver the exact same stance, way of holding or acting if smoking.

Larger and heavier: while all vaporizer come with a holder, it’s definitely not something you can carry around very-very easily. Of course they have a great deal of options, ranging from the pen-like size to the much larger whiskey bottle size.

As buyers need to buy the vaporizer with the eliquids (most people end up buying at least 3-4 different flavors) it’s a larger spending in the beginning.

The atomizer has to be changed once every few months.

It should be noted that vaping, being as similar to smoking as a habit is now under governmental regulations the same as smoking. While eliquids are shown are safe for the health, I suggest everyone only to buy eliquids from trusted manufacturers. While the selling of homemade liquids online is still an option, always check on the reliability of the manufacturer. As you can see when it comes to vaporizers and e-cigarettes you really cannot mention them as one specific product. They have their own ways and lots of differences when it comes to using them. And while e-cigs are generally cheaper and easy-to-use, vaporizers are way more sophisticated, where the user has a lot more options to setup everything as they want it to be.